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The deportation order is the latest action by the Kenyan government, which in May introduced new gambling regulations, including banning advertising outdoors and on social media. Kenyans who maintain mobile wallets or accounts with betting firms through telecommunications companies have since been given 48 hours to withdraw all their money. Restriction of licensing and operations of betting companies have been implemented in other East African nations including Uganda and Rwanda. Betting over which sports team might win is big business in Kenya, Africa and across the world. In many cities, towns and villages across Africa, one can vividly witness the growth of lotteries, poker, sport bets, slot machines, casino games, and online gambling.

Porto Amboím: Trabalhadores portuários em greve

How important is this market for the company? We are well established throughout the region and market leader in several countries. We have employed our dual strategy as both an operator and manufacturer in Latin America and were, for example, the second company to begin operating in Peru more than 23 years ago. What is your evaluation of your presence at the recent trade shows?


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